This system is for uniformed carrying and is based on our equipment belt and the various pouches mounted on the belt. It has been designed with safety, functionality and comfort in mind.


Our belt is one of the most comfortable equipment belts in existance . It is padded and shaped to sit comfortably around the body, even when fully loaded. The pouches are mounted between the inner and outer belt so that no edges or hard surfaces press against the body. The padded inner belt has friction fabric facing inwards towards the body. This non-slip material helps to hold the belt in place, reducing the need to tighten excessively around the waist.


The pouches are designed to be easily accessible and can be mounted at several different levels, some pouches vertically or horizontally. The pouches can be attached without removing the pouches that already are mounted on the belt.


The belt has a three-point buckle to prevent accidental opening and a safety strap that closes over the outside buckle.The pouches are fitted between the inner and outer belt making them virtually impossible to pull off. The belt is extremely difficult to ignite.